Startup Funding

Startup Funding Available

Startup funding is available for up to $150K for US residents who have a 700+ credit score as  well as a good credit history. That means no late payments and not a lot of inquiries or credit card debt.

Funds You Need Fast

The process takes about 3-4 weeks from the time of application. Depending on the lender we'll let you know which credit reporting service you'll need to sign up with. 

Easy To Apply

You'll need set up an account with a credit monitoring service and the lender will  need to view the full report for all 3 credit bureaus. 

No Lengthy Paperwork

If you need to pay for the credit reporting service it's usually a $1.00 trial and about $40.00 within around 30 days.  The lender will be checking the report throughout the process.

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There is no money out of pocket upfront. The fees that are to be paid for the startup funding service  will be invoiced.

Veterans, Military & Families

Veterans benefits

We work with lenders who are affiliated with banks and funders that give preference to veterans as well as immediate military family members. 

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